New Arrivals

Coffee Love Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Our Coffee Love Crew Neck Sweatshirt is a wonderful transition from winter to spring! This sweatshirt provides the perfect warmth for a stroll or a cozy seat near the fireplace.   Machine wash...

Buttercup Blend - 5 lbs bag

Our next limited edition coffee comes to us from the Letefogo district in Easter Timor. This coffee is produced by the Cafe Brisa Serena a collective of local farms organized by Peace Winds Japan...


Interview With Courtney Anderson

Interview With Courtney Anderson

Fiddleheads Coffee teamed up with Homestead High School in Mequon on a great idea for our spring coffee! Ms. Kat Hustedde, who is associated with Homestead High School’s Visual Arts Department, w …
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Rwanda - Gishamwana Island

Rwanda - Gishamwana Island

Rwanda - Gishamwana IslandIn the middle of Rwanda's Lake Kivu sits the secluded Island of Gishamwana. Owned & operated by Emmanuel Rwakagara, who emphasizes biodiversity and sustainability across the …
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Best Sellers

Breakfast Blend

Medium roast, medium to full body, and bright acidity. Bright and lively, this classic blend highlights flavor notes of citrusy lemon and orange. Our version is comprised of Central American beans...

Brazil - Mogiana

Medium roast, full body, and balanced acidity. Pronounced sweetness with hints of toasted marshmallow, pecans and toffee. A very clean aftertaste with a lingering sweetness. Cupping Profile:Roast:...

Colombia - Narino Excelso

Medium roast, heavy body, and balanced yet sweet acidity. A caramely yet floral aroma. Flavor notes of Chocolate, Melon, Cocoa. Full flavor with pleasant after taste. Cupping Profile:Roast:...


Medium roast, full body, and bright acidity. Our unique blend is smooth, silky, rich, and sweet. Each component is roasted on the lighter side, allowing the inherent characteristics of each bean to...