Best Sellers

House Blend

$14.65 - $96.70
Dark roast with a full body and low acidity. With a rich chocolaty flavor and smooth sweet finish, this coffee is the perfect coffee for every occasion. Cupping Profile:Roast: DarkBody:...

Breakfast Blend

$15.15 - $98.40
Medium roast, medium to full body, and bright acidity. Bright and lively, this classic blend highlights flavor notes of citrusy lemon and orange. Our version is comprised of Central American beans...

Brazil - Mantiqueira de Minas

$13.95 - $91.10
Medium roast, full body, and balanced acidity. Pronounced sweetness with hints of toasted marshmallow, pecans and toffee. A very clean aftertaste with a lingering sweetness. Cupping Profile:Roast:...

Guatemala - Huehuetenango

$14.75 - $97.80
Dark roast, full body, and bright acidity. Complex and pleasing with notes of honey, dark chocolate and caramel. Excellent depth of sweetness. Creamy mouthfeel with a very clean finish. Cupping...

New Arrivals

Holiday Blend 2022

$14.95 - $95.55
The Gift of Coffee. Our Holiday Blend promises to bring delight and warmth in every sip.  With flavor notes of Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Honey and Almonds wrapped in a smooth Dark Roast, it's...

Decaf Mexico

$14.45 - $91.95
Decaf Mexico offers smooth and sweet flavor notes of toffee, almond nut, and soft pretzel, combined with delicately floral aromatics, it's an enjoyable decaf throughout the day!   Cupping...

Colombia Santa Monica

$14.25 - $93.60
COLOMBIA Santa Monica  Colombia is the world’s most spectacularly diverse coffee country with the vast majority of coffee cultivated, harvested and processed on small, family owned farms. ...

Summer Fun Under Wisconsin Sun

Summer Fun Under Wisconsin Sun! This unisex t-shirt will surely make the summer days even brighter! The soft blend of polyester and cotton helps keep your skin dry. The cool mountain climber setting...


Interview With Megan Knecht

Interview With Megan Knecht

Fiddleheads Coffee teamed up with Homestead High School in Mequon yet again on a unique idea for a bumper sticker! Ms. Kat Hustedde, who is associated with Homestead High School’s Visual Arts Depar …
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BMO Tower Grand Opening

BMO Tower Grand Opening

On April 8, 2021, Fiddleheads Coffee celebrated the Grand Opening of its latest café in Downtown Milwaukee’s BMO Tower building. This new location was the product of a July 2020 discussion and the …
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Fiddleheads Now In Shorewood!

Fiddleheads Now In Shorewood!

Fiddleheads has a new café now open in Shorewood! Located at 4334 N. Oakland Ave (on the corner of N Oakland Ave and E Lake Bluff Dr). The warm welcome from our Shorewood community has been incredib …
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