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Decaf Colombia

Dark roast, heavy body, low acidity. Very fragrant with pear and molasses. Flavor notes of pear, strawberry, and chocolate.

Mexico - Chiapas

This coffee is Fiddleheads first coffee sourced from Mexico hailing from the Chiapas region. We roasted this coffee a bit on the lighter side to complement it's delicate strawberry flavor while...


Medium roast, full body, and bright acidity. Our unique blend is smooth, silky, rich, and sweet. Each component is roasted on the lighter side, allowing the inherent characteristics of each bean to...

Colombia - Narino Excelso

Medium roast, heavy body, and balanced yet sweet acidity. A caramely yet floral aroma. Flavor notes of Chocolate, Melon, Cocoa. Full flavor with pleasant after taste. Cupping Profile:Roast:...