Founded in Thiensville, Wisconsin, Fiddleheads is a family-owned specialty coffee company with multiple cafes, a small-batch coffee roastery, and artisan bakery.


Since Fiddleheads first opened in 1996, we have grown and transformed, but our commitment to astonishing our customers remains unchanged. It all starts with the coffee: hand-selecting premium green beans from high-quality farms across the globe, cupping in our in-house lab to bring out the best tasting notes and flavor profiles, and diligently roasting each small batch until it's just right for our customers. We learned to roast from the United State's preeminent roasting expert, Willem Boot, and since then, we've perfected our craft so we can bring you the finest coffee possible.


We're also committed to quality in our cafes and bakery. Our food and pastries are made fresh daily, and we are passionate about hiring top talent across the company so our customers have an exceptional experience from beginning to end. As a family-owned business, we believe community connection is important, and it's why you'll feel like family too whichever way you cross paths with Fiddleheads.


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