New Online Ordering/ App Launch

Fiddleheads Coffee is proud to bring you our very first Online Ordering platform and App! The faster, most convenient way to place orders as well as receive them!

We now have options to pick your order, either in-store or stay in your car and we will bring you your order, by clicking the option for curbside pickup!

September comes with incredible deals! We are running a 25% off discount on the entire order and is good for as many orders you place this month!

Get a Free drink of your choice: After you place your first order online, you will receive a free drink coupon directly into their newly opened account on the app or via the website. You would have to sign back in to retrieve it. This coupon can be used one time, but until it is used it does not expire!

Refer a Friend: You can refer as many new people as possible and receive a free drink of your choice as well as the new individual(s), both get free drinks of their choices. There is no limit as to how many friends one person refers to!

Curbside Pickup: This is another option mentioned above that is open for all online orders! Whether you have to make a quick stop, or have kids in the car, or the weather doesn’t cooperate with you or just because, the curbside pickup is for you! Just open the app, choose for curbside pickup, select the time you want your order and drive up to our curbside parking, call the café and get your order straight to your car!

Click here if you want to Order Online or Download the App