Interview With Megan Knecht

Fiddleheads Coffee teamed up with Homestead High School in Mequon yet again on a unique idea for a bumper sticker! Ms. Kat Hustedde, who is associated with Homestead High School’s Visual Arts Department, wanted to involve her students in a real-life marketing project, and chose Fiddleheads Coffee to be her students’ client again this year. The visual arts students’ project was to create a versatile design for our upcoming summer season. The students were asked to use their incredible imaginations to come up with a unique design that we could convert into a bumper sticker.

We included all our social media supporters and our customers at our Thiensville and Mequon Cafés to vote online for their favorite design. We opened voting for two-weeks, and the feedback we received along with votes were just overwhelming and extremely encouraging. Before we unveil the winning design, we want to thank all the students who took part in this assignment.

Our winner, Megan Knecht, is the talented artist behind the ‘Mountains’ bumper sticker. We asked Megan a few questions regarding her thought process behind her creation.

What was your inspiration in creating the winning design? Where or what inspired you to create this design?

I found a lot of my inspiration from other artists who do abstract art. I also like using pastel colors and outlines in a lot of my own work to draw attention and make it more complex.

How did you plan for your project? How did you organize your thoughts?

In order to plan for my design, I created a mood board where I compiled my research photos, quick sketches, and palette samples to put all my thoughts in one place before starting. I also looked on the Fiddleheads website to get a better understanding of the overall style.

What type(s) of software did you use for the design?

I used Adobe illustrator to create the design of the mountains and colors. I used photoshop for the text.

Is visual art something you plan on using in a career after graduating? What are your plans in the creative field, if any?

I have always been interested in the visual arts. Next year I am attending Ball State University and studying interior design and construction management!

Your design will be converted into a bumper sticker and will be available in all of our Fiddlehead’s cafés across 7 different communities, for our customers to enjoy. What emotions does that trigger?

My design being featured at the fiddleheads locations is really exciting! I appreciate everyone who took the time to vote, and I am very grateful and blessed for the support I have from my family, friends, teachers, and community!

Do you visit Fiddleheads? What’s your favorite drink?

I go to fiddleheads all the time! My favorite beverage is the blended mocha.