Interview With Courtney Anderson

Fiddleheads Coffee teamed up with Homestead High School in Mequon on a great idea for our spring coffee! Ms. Kat Hustedde, who is associated with Homestead High School’s Visual Arts Department, wanted to involve her students in a real life marketing project, and chose Fiddleheads Coffee to be her students’ client. Their project was to create a label design and name for our spring coffee. Choosing the winner for this concept was a difficult task, but after hours of deliberation, we finally picked our favorite design. Before we unveil the winning design, we want to thank all of the students who took part in this assignment.

With frequent rain showers and budding flowers just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce you to our newest coffee… the Buttercup Blend!

Our winner, Courtney Anderson, is the talented artist behind the Buttercup Blend label, and we met with Courtney to ask her a few questions regarding her thought process behind her creation.

Q: Congratulations Courtney! We have chosen your design as The Winner! Could you please talk to us about what your thought process was behind creating your art?

Courtney: Thank you so much! My favorite part about spring are flowers. I love doodling flowers and wanted to use them in my art. For the color scheme, I wanted to use pink, as it is my favorite color, and looking back it was a perfect choice to bring out happiness especially in this time we are all experiencing.

Q: What made you decide on the name ‘Buttercup Blend’? Where did you get your idea?

Courtney: I had originally planned on naming it Blossom Blend. But then my instructor, Ms. Hustedde, informed me that Fiddleheads already had a coffee named that. So, I researched and wanted to name it something based on flowers, and came across this beautiful flower called buttercup! It sounded so cool- Buttercup Blend!

Q: You have this talent for creating things from nothing, is this something you plan on using in a career after graduating? What are your plans in the creative field, if any?

Courtney: Right now, I am just a sophomore in high school. This is definitely something I can see myself exploring more of after high school. Visual arts provide so many options. I think I would look into the marketing side, as branding and Logo designs interest me a lot.

Q: What message would you like to give your juniors or anyone who is new to the visual arts side and wants to excel in this field?

Courtney: I would say, just try it out! I didn’t know how to create digital art in the beginning. I was skeptical, and now, after about six months of learning I am so much more comfortable and love the art I create. It is super easy; it is fun and rewarding. Just try it out and see for yourself!

Q: Do you visit Fiddleheads Coffee? What is your favorite drink?

Courtney: Yes, I do! I love all the smoothies, and the scones are my favorites!

Thank you, Courtney, for starting us out on a Springy note!

Grab your Buttercup Blend Coffee Here!