Colombia - El Boton Maragogipe *Limited Release*

COLOMBIA El Boton Maragogipe *Limited Run*

El Boton is a single coffee estate located in Southwest Antioquia, 100 Kilometers outside of Medellin City. Since 1930, it has been owned and operated by the Herran family, and they’ve been perfecting the art of growing, harvesting, and processing a rare coffee varietal known as Maragogipe. This exotic varietal of coffee plant grows very slowly, grows very large, and produces one of the largest coffee beans in the world. This plant is very sensitive to growing conditions which is why it’s almost exclusively shade grown and found in very limited regions around the world. The yield of the plant is very low, with the large cherries ripening at different times which is why the Herran’s experience is critical during the harvest season. Because of the low yield of these plants, it’s critical that the cherries are picked only when ripe, and meticulously processed to maximize every bean’s inherent characteristic. To accomplish this, El Boton processes these cherries naturally, allowing the fruit to dry and flake off which allows the natural sugars and honey to permeate through the bean.

The result? A truly remarkable coffee that’s only around for a few weeks.

We roast this coffee on the lighter side of medium to bring out the explosively fruity aromas and flavor notes of strawberry schaum torte, tangerine and honey with undertones of brown sugar and vanilla. The subtle acidity is nicely balanced by a heavy syrup and velvety body like warm strawberry cream. All of this is finished with a delectably sweet aftertaste.



Cupping Profile:

Roast: Medium

Body: Heavy and Syrupy

Brightness: Balanced

Flavor Notes: Strawberry Schaum Torte, Tangerine, Honey with undertones of brown sugar and vanilla

Aroma: Explosively Fruity

Origin Information:

Region: Southwest Antioquia, Colombia

Producer: El Boton Estate – Herran Family

Varietal: Maragogipe

Altitude: 1,476 masl

Processing: Natural

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