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The Guji region of Ethiopia is swathed in heavy forests thanks to the Guji tribe, which has prevented numerous mining and logging operations from disturbing this distant, lush land. Because of these environmental preservation efforts, Guji has remained a prime coffee-growing spot for years. Even in its isolation, the farmers in this region – many a part of the Deri Kidame community – have managed to establish traditional, organic coffee farms and send their beans for processing about 19 miles east in the Benti Nenka community.

Our Ethiopia coffee is roasted to a profile that enhances flavor notes of blueberry jam, caramel and strawberry with undertones of darek chocolate and apricot. A vibrant balance and a creamy body.   It’s easy to imagine yourself among the trees in Guji when you’ve got a cup of Ethiopia in your hand.

Cupping Profile
Roast: Dark
Body: Heavy
Brightness: Balanced
Flavor Notes: Blueberry jam, caramel, strawberry, dark chocolate, apricot

Origin Information
Region: Deri Kidame community, Guji Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
Producer: Farmers from the Deri Kidame community
Varietals: Indigenous landraces/cultivars
Altitude: 1900 – 2300 masl
Processing: Fully natural, sundried on raised beds

Please note: Our coffee does not contain any flavor additives or other allergens; tasting notes are drawn from the innate qualities of the bean itself.


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