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This coffee hails from a variety of small, community-run coffee farms in Colombia. In Colombia, beans are classified by size under the labels excelso or supremo. Supremo beans are slightly larger than excelso beans, but excelso beans are more common. The Colombia coffee we roast is of the excelso variety.

To bring out the best this coffee has to offer, we roast it to a medium profile. A creamy body and juicy brightness will enthrall your senses, while notes of rich dark chocolate, cherry, and caramel will captivate your tastebuds long after the first sip. This is a truly remarkable coffee.

Cupping Profile
Roast: Medium
Body: Heavy
Brightness: Mild
Flavor Notes: Rich dark chocolate, caramel, dark cherry

Origin Information
Region: Colombia
Producers: Various coffee communities in Colombia
Varietals: Caturra, Typica, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude: 1300 – 1650 masl
Processing: Fully washed, sundried

Please note: Our coffee does not contain any flavor additives or other allergens; tasting notes are drawn from the innate qualities of the bean itself.


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