Full-time | starting pay: $18/hr.

Our team leads are trained to oversee the smooth running of the café, identify, and manage the development of internal talent, and foster an environment of teamwork and cooperation amongst baristas to ensure smooth operations and optimal customer experience in the café. Through leadership and ongoing training of team members, our team leads’ presence will guide team members in setting Fiddleheads apart in the minds of our customers. Team leads will report to café manager. If there is no café manager, team leads report to the Director of Café Operations.

Responsibilities and goals

-        Nurture friendly relationships with customers to increase loyalty and boost Fiddleheads’ reputation

-        Advise staff on best ways to resolve issues with clients and deliver excellent customer service 

-        Manage day to day operations of the café: cash management and handling, ensuring all café areas are clean and tidy  

-        Develop and maintain employee/team accountability and improvements that adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) 

-        Supervise the training of all employees within the café on an ongoing day to day basis 

-        Know all aspects of operations within the café and successfully responding to any/all gaps or interruptions in service due to staffing issues, emergencies, and assisting in scheduling employees work time 

-        Direct involvement in identifying store talent needs, talent development and promotions

-        Coordinate café supply order by maximizing cost of goods sold by carefully purchasing, while minimizing costs through proper training and waste management.

-        Actively working as a barista/employee during your work week. As a working manager you will take an active role in; bar operations, kitchen duties, and serving customers.


-        Must be full time (30+ hours per week)

-        Attend weekly Team Lead Meetings on Tuesdays at 12:30 

-        Previous leadership experience (preferred)

-        High school graduate (preferred)

-        Previous experience in customer service

-        Ability to be on your feet for extended periods of time


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