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Decaf Espresso

$13.45 - $18.15
Dark roast, full body, and balanced acidity. Sweet, clean, rich and lively, our decaf espresso is full of flavor. Enjoy as an espresso drink, or as drip coffee. Naturally decaffeinated with water processing. 

Decaf Colombia

  Decaf Colombia offers smooth flavor notes of Pear, Toffee, and Chocolate. An enjoyable decaf throughout the entire day! Cupping Profile:Roast: DarkBody: FullBrightness: BalancedFlavor Notes: Pear, Toffee and Chocolate Decaf...

Decaf Brazil

$13.84 - $18.45
Dark roast, medium body, and balanced acidity. Sweet, chocolate, and nutty. Clean and delicate. Naturally decaffeinated with water processing.