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Backwoods Blend

Backwoods Blend Coffee: Summer is the time to sit back, relax or go on an adventure, explore and enjoy the outdoors. Our newest seasonal coffee, Backwoods Blend is a perfect companion to spend the summer and explore outdoors with. The fun flavors notes...


Medium roast, full body, and bright acidity. Our unique blend is smooth, silky, rich, and sweet. Each component is roasted on the lighter side, allowing the inherent characteristics of each bean to shine. Fiddleheads Espresso Gold has been described as...

Breakfast Blend

Medium roast, medium to full body, and bright acidity. Bright and lively, this classic blend highlights flavor notes of citrusy lemon and orange. Our version is comprised of Central American beans. Enjoy a lingering finish with undertones of chocolate...

Colombia - Narino Excelso

Medium roast, heavy body, and balanced yet sweet acidity. A caramely yet floral aroma. Flavor notes of Chocolate, Melon, Cocoa. Full flavor with pleasant after taste. Cupping Profile:Roast: MediumBody: HeavyBrightness: BalancedFlavor Notes: Chocolate,...

Brazil - Mogiana

Medium roast, full body, and balanced acidity. Pronounced sweetness with hints of toasted marshmallow, pecans and toffee. A very clean aftertaste with a lingering sweetness. Cupping Profile:Roast: MediumBody: FullBrightness: BalancedFlavor Notes:...