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2021 Spring Blend

Spring is in the air! Sweet sounds of nature buzzing and humming everywhere. As the days grow longer, our seasonal Spring Blend is a perfect companion to enjoy the warmth of the sun after a long, cold winter. We wrap this blend in a medium roast to bring...

Democratic Republic of Congo

High grade specialty coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) SELDOM OFFERED. DESPERATELY NEEDED. For decades the Democratic Republic of Congo has been ravaged by war and localized fighting resulting in an ongoing and severe humanitarian...


$12.35 - $16.45
Medium roast, full body, and bright acidity. Our unique blend is smooth, silky, rich, and sweet. Each component is roasted on the lighter side, allowing the inherent characteristics of each bean to shine. Fiddleheads Espresso Gold has been described as...

Breakfast Blend

$12.70 - $16.95
Medium roast, medium to full body, and bright acidity. Bright and lively, this classic blend highlights flavor notes of citrusy lemon and orange. Our version is comprised of Central American beans. Enjoy a lingering finish with undertones of chocolate...

Colombia - Huila Excelso

$12.64 - $16.85
Colombia is the world's most spectacularly diverse coffee country with the vast majority of coffee cultivated, harvested, and processed on small family-owned farms. This year's lot comes from the region of Huila located in Southern Colombia. Nestled on...

Brazil - Mogiana

$11.90 - $15.85
Medium roast, full body, and balanced acidity. Pronounced sweetness with hints of toasted marshmallow, pecans and toffee. A very clean aftertaste with a lingering sweetness. Cupping Profile:Roast: MediumBody: FullBrightness: BalancedFlavor Notes:...