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Holiday Blend 2021

The gift of coffee. Our Holiday Blend promises to bring delight and warmth in every sip.  With flavor notes of dark cocoa, spice, and toffee, wrapped in a smooth dark roast, its the perfect choice this holiday season!  Cupping...

House Blend

$12.95 - $17.50
Dark roast with a full body and low acidity. With a rich chocolaty flavor and smooth sweet finish, this coffee is the perfect coffee for every occasion. Cupping Profile:Roast: DarkBody: FullBrightness: LowFlavor Notes: cherry, cocoa, dark sugars Origin...

Cold Brew

$13.61 - $18.15
We created this blend to be the perfect Cold Brew coffee, with a rich creamy texture and a soft acidity. We recommend brewing this coffee in a Toddy Cold Brew System and allowing it steep for 24hrs. Cupping Profile:Roast: DarkBody: FullBrightness:...

Papua New Guinea – Eastern Highlands

$14.21 - $18.95
Papua New Guinea – Eastern Highlands   Goroka, the closest urban center to Bena Coffee Farm, is one of the main highland towns on the westbound Highlands Highway – the rugged, and only, official route connecting the East coast of Papua...

Guatemala - Huehuetenango

$12.95 - $17.50
Dark roast, full body, and bright acidity. Complex and pleasing with notes of honey, dark chocolate and caramel. Excellent depth of sweetness. Creamy mouthfeel with a very clean finish. Cupping Profile:Roast: DarkBody: FullBrightness: BalancedFlavor...

Ethiopia- Guji Natural

$12.55 - $16.95
This years’ harvest of our Ethiopia Guji Natural hits all the characteristics of a classic Ethiopian coffee. Exotic aromatics of floral and berry, flavor notes of peach, caramel, banana, brown sugar and chocolate covered cherry are highlighted...