Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon

Back in the good old days, before electricity was around, farmers depended on the moon’s light to harvest their crops late into the night. The term ‘Harvest Moon’ denotes a full and bright moon that occurs closest to the beginning of the fall season.

On our label, there are coffee cherries that are ready to be harvested and the full moon in the background provides farmers light to begin the reaping process!

Flavor notes include- Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut, and Cocoa that are blended to perfection to give you incredible taste from the first sip!

Cupping Profile:
Roast: Medium
Body: Full
Brightness: Balanced
Flavor Notes: Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut and Cocoa

Origin Information: 

When blending coffees, our master roaster chooses various coffees from our selection of single origin coffees and combines them to create a unique blended coffee with its own unique profile and flavors.


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