Colombia Santa Monica

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COLOMBIA Santa Monica

 Colombia is the world’s most spectacularly diverse coffee country with the vast majority of coffee cultivated, harvested and processed on small, family owned farms.  Our current lot comes to us from the coffee growing estate of Montes y Colinas.

Founded over half a century ago, Montes y Colinas is one of Colombia’s oldest family-owned private coffee estates.  Still owned to this day by Ernesto Garces and family, Montes y Colinas is located in the town of La Concordia, 65 miles outside of Medellin City.  The geography of the region makes the climate of La Concordia a unique mix of warm air from the Cauca river canyon and cool air from the high Andes mountains creating different “micro-climates” which are ideal for growing the highest quality specialty coffee.

This year’s harvest features a private reserve lot of Santa Monica coffee from the Montes y Colinas Estate.  To bring out the best this coffee has to offer, we roast it to a medium profile.  In doing so, one experiences fruity flavor notes of raspberry and dark cherry, complimented with undertones of graham cracker, toffee and cocoa.  The prominent juicy brightness transitions into a delightfully creamy body with a long and sweet aftertaste.  A truly remarkable coffee.


Cupping Profile:
Roast: Medium
Body: Creamy
Brightness: Juicy
Flavor Notes: Dark Cherry, Raspberry, Graham Cracker, Toffee, Cocoa


 coffee-on-mules.jpg santa-monica-wet-mill.jpg town-of-concordia1.jpg

 Origin Information:

Region: La Concordia
Producer: Montes y Colinas Estate (Ernesto Garces and Family)
Varietals: Caturra and Variedad Colombia 
Altitude: 1750 masl
Processing: Fully washed 


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