Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters turns 25

and commissions 25 artists to Celebrate


Fiddleheads turns 25! And as part of the yearlong celebrations and beyond, we have decided to add something extremely special and unique to mark and capture the past 25 years and the next 25 years in projects which will display an exceptional portrayal of us for decades to come. As a matter of fact, exceptional is not a strong enough descriptor of the art project we have decided to take on, as it is extraordinary within the coffee community. We want to celebrate extraordinary art.

In honor of our 25th anniversary we present…

 “ bARisTas see”


 25 artists will be chosen to create a piece of art to be completed by 01/23/23.


1)     The piece of art’s size has to be between 25 by 25 inches and 10 by 10 inches.

2)     The piece of art must be able to hang on the wall.

3)     The piece of art must represent a vision from a fiddlehead’s barista’s point of view.

4)     The piece of art can be in any form, including, sculpture, painting; be it water colors, oil paints, acrylics, etchings, or digital art.


How to enter the contest and rules:


1)     Artist must write a two-sentence vision of the picture you would like to create as seen through the eyes of a Fiddlehead’s Barista’s point of view.

2)     Artist must upload three pictures of previous artwork in the medium to be used in this event.

3)     The deadline to enter this event will be 11/25/2022 Artists will be chosen to participate by 12/23/2022.

4)     Entrants must be 18 and older.

5)     Entrants must reside in or be from one of the following Wisconsin counties.

Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Washington, or Waukesha County.


Commission and publicity for the 25 chosen Artists:


1)     Each Artist will receive $500 for their artwork.

2)     The artwork will become a permanent piece in the Fiddleheads Gallery.

3)     The Artist will be interviewed and publicized regarding their art.

4)     A QR code will be attached to each art piece with information about the artist and work.

5)     Each Artist will be given an opportunity to have a month long showing in one of Fiddleheads Coffee Houses. The number of pieces in the showing to be determined.


This art event will connect you as an artist with other amazing artists and art lovers.

Fiddleheads Coffee has worked with, and is working with incredibly talented artists like Todd Mrozinski, Dale Knaak, Melissa Lee Johnson, Emma Daisy, Jesse Meyer, Paul Bobrowitz and many more artists, that will be joining us on this amazing art journey.

For information and to enter please contact Fiddleheads Art Festival coordinator

Katie O’Regan (563) 419-4490 Email: