Autumn Blend 2023

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Picture a perfect fall day: pumpkin patches, crisp leaves, and a delicious cup of coffee. We’re here to fulfill that last part with our new seasonal Autumn Blend. Packed with delicious flavor notes like toffee and dark cherry, a cup of Autumn Blend will give you all the energy you need for each one of your fall adventures.

Cupping Profile
Roast: Medium
Body: Full
Brightness: Balanced
Flavor Notes: Dark cherry, milk chocolate, hazelnut, toffee

When blending coffees, our master roaster selects precisely chosen single origin coffees that, when combined in exact proportions, create a very special coffee blend with its own unique flavors and profile.

Please note: Our coffee does not contain any flavor additives or other allergens; tasting notes are drawn from the innate qualities of the bean itself.


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