2022 Summer Blend

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Summer is a time to thaw out, relax and enjoy endless days. It’s the perfect time to reach for a fresh new blend of coffee that excites your tastebuds and helps you embrace each day. Whether its sunny and bright outside or a day of wind and storms, the depth of flavor in our Summer Blend helps you to renew and reset. This seasonal blend has it's foundation in our hand-crafted, roast-to-order coffee beans with fresh flavor notes. Get a taste of summer with this wonderfully balanced, yet lively medium-roast coffee with hints of Pecans, Honey, Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Enjoy each small moment as you enjoy each small sip, happy spring season!  

Cupping Profile

Roast: Medium
Body: Full
Brightness: Balanced
Flavor Notes: Pecan, Honey, Caramel and Dark Chocolate 

When blending coffees, our master roaster selects precisely chosen single origin coffees that, when combined in exact proportions, creates a very special coffee blend with its own unique flavors and profile.


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