Since 1996, Fiddleheads has been a family-owned and operated wholesale and retail coffee business that also runs six cafés in Southeastern Wisconsin, in the suburbs of Grafton, Cedarburg, Mequon, Glendale, and Thiensville. Our passion, of course, is roasting and brewing the finest coffees available, but our cafés also serve a variety of delicious soups and sandwiches, and artisan breads and pastries. The name, Fiddleheads, refers to a fern’s young, unfurling fronds, and signifies the beginning and growth of our business.

We started with a café in Thiensville located in an historic 1830s cobbler’s cottage on the Milwaukee River and along the village’s main street, and have since expanded to our other four locations.

In addition, we created a nationwide wholesale coffee business. After years of successfully serving our customers, we wanted to focus on enhancing the flavor and freshness of our coffees. We searched the world over for the best coffee beans, studied under the acknowledged coffee gurus like Willem Boot, and developed and refined our roasting and brewing processes to offer the best coffee you’ll ever savor.

Today, like those springtime fiddleheads, we continue to grow and make great coffee.