Fiddleheads Donation Application Policies

Thank you for your interest in Fiddleheads. We are proud to support many of the local non-profits and charitable organizations in the communities we serve. Because of the large number of donation requests Fiddleheads receives, we do our best to rotate our support on a regular basis.

Please take a moment to review our policies on donations. If your organization meets the criteria below, please fill out our donation request application on the following page.

  • We are a local family owned business and we prefer to support organizations based in the communities we serve. Although we do not require those requesting donations to be Fiddleheads customers we prefer to support those who support us.
  • Donation requests are not accepted by phone and must be submitted using the form on the following page.
  • We donate exclusively to non-profit organizations and require a non-profit tax ID number to be considered for a donation. We do not offer donations to the following types of organizations:
    • Political organizations and candidates
    • Private club and membership organizations
    • Individuals seeking sponsorships
    • Organizations seeking donations on behalf of another organization.
  • We donate to organizations and events with clear focuses and goals for the funds raised.
  • We are committed to spreading our support in the communities we serve. Past support does not guarantee future support.
  • We do not offer donations through sponsorship, paid advertising, or cash donations.
  • We require all donation request to be submitted no less then 30 days prior to the date needed. This will allow us time to thoughtfully consider all solicitations and make the necessary arrangements.

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