Welcome to Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters!

Our passion is producing great coffee.
We encourage you to "Start Fresh" with Fiddleheads and enjoy truly great coffees from around the world. Premium beans as fresh as the day’s first smile. Premium beans we carefully select from the finest importers worldwide.

Premium beans masterfully roasted to bring out the natural, robust flavors of all of our coffees. Then, perfectly brewed to produce an unforgettable "bean-to-cup" experience.

All orders received online are roasted to order. We simply do not roast to inventory. It’s coffee that comes with our guarantee of freshness. It’s coffee you don’t want to go without.

Freshness is our passion; your satisfaction our reward.

We roast only the best because we know what it means to the rest of your day. So "Start Fresh" at Fiddleheads. Great coffees – bean to cup – have been our passion since 1996.

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